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We are the Best Painting Contractor In Pune we do all types of paint such as Residential PaintingCommercial PaintingBuilding PaintingBungalow PaintingFlat PaintingHome PaintingHouse Painting.

Types Of Paints

1) Non-Washable Paints

2) Semi Washable Paints

3) Fully Washable Paints

Non Washable Paints 

Basically, Non-Washable Paints are an economical type of paint those paint use for Painting Rental Property or Economical Residential Painting. Oil Bond is one of the popular paint in an economical range. the Average Price To Paint A House is Rs- 8 to 10 / Sqft depending upon the condition of the flat. for House Painting Estimates click here

Semi Washable Paints

Basically, 2 types of Semi Washable Paints in Asian paints

1) Tractor Emulsion ( TE )

2) Premium Emulsion ( PE )

The difference between Tractor Emulsion & Premium Emulsion Emulsion difference, Washability Difference. the tractor emulsion is matt paint & it is semi washable paint. You can wash this paint lightly not fully washable paint. and you can not use this paint for cabinet & furniture. The average Price To Paint A House is Rs 13 to 15 / Sqft.

premium emulsion

Premium Emulsion – Is the Highest Quality Paint in the semi washable category in an Asian paint company. In a Premium Emulsion Paint have Good quality of binder as comparatively Tractor Emulsion. Cost To Paint A House Rs 15 to 18 / Sqft.


Fully Washable Paint

1) Satin Finish (ST)

2) Lustre (ST)

3) Royale

      a) Luxury Emulsion

      b) Shine

      c) Aspira 

This fully washable range is most of the popular range for the homeowner in Residential Painting.

satin finishsatin

  1. Satin Finish (ST) – Satin Finish is available in matt finish in Solvent Thinnable (ST). The Solvent Thinnable means Oil Base.  The Satin Finish Paints finish is almost plain. This paint is looking very decent. This paints Home Painting Cost Rs 22 to 25 / Sqft. Luster Nerolacluster
  2. Luster Paint (ST) – Most of the Popular Paint In Pune. Lustre Paint available in Semi-Gloss Finish. There are two types of finishes available in Luster Paint
  1. a) Plain Finish
  2. b) Orange Peel Effect

The plain finish gives you a plain effect for the lustre paint and Orange Peel Effect gives you the effect as like skin of an orange. This Luster Paint is available in Solent Thinnable and Water Thinnable also. So you can use WT Luster with a Low VOC ( i.e. Volatile Organic Compound )

  1. Royale – This royale category is the eco-friendly category. You can use those paints because Royale Paint has Low VOC Compound (Volatile Organic Compound). Royale has 3 main paint categories
  2. a) Luxury Emulsion
  3. b) Shyne
  4. c) Aspira

luxury emulsion1luxury emulsion

a) Luxury Emulsion –

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