Best indoor 14 plants for health

Nowadays plants are seen in every house and it helps to improve our mental and physical health.  The plants are more beneficial for us, it purifies the air in our surroundings so that we can breathe the natural air. As we all know, plants are important in our lives. The Best indoor 14 plants for health or any other plant absorb carbon dioxide and release the oxygen from their leaves. oxygen is important in our life, therefore plants are useful to us. We know that nowadays the pollution is increasing due to the vehicles and factories, etc. Due to urbanisation, the trees are cut down and due to this process, the carbon monoxide is released into the air in large volumes. To control the entire situation, we must grow plants and take care of them.

Plants play an important role in our lives. Whether it is placed outdoor or indoor they can transform the look of the space and spread greenery to the area. Some people place lots of plants in their homes for decorative purposes and are not aware of the benefits of different types of plants. Plants provide a calm environment and fresh air to the space that helps clients to be productive. Studies of plants say that they can heal a person fast from certain situations. Some plants remove the unpleasant air and help to heal the person. Also, they release oxygen and absorb nitrogen that helps to purify the air.

We can place plants in the offices, commercial spaces, residential or any other spaces. It just highlights the space and makes the space more peaceful. Nowadays people are more likely to place indoor plants. Indoor small plants simply bring colours to the room and make the space cleaner. Every different plant has some different purpose. You need to research that and place it in a particular space. also, we need to place plants near sunlight for their effective growth. Home-keeping so many plants in the balcony or backyard make the space more beautiful.

Money plant

  • Plants add natural beauty to your home. Best indoor 14 plants for health And one of them is MONEY PLANT. It is one of the popular plants kept in every home and you can grow the money plant in a small space, it can be grown in a bottle as well as in a container. And the same thing, it also purifies the air in your surroundings.
  • Money plants are also known to remove bad luck from your home and give you good fortune. Because of these properties, your home will be full of positivity.
  • We can also grow the money plant in water or in the water bottle and it’s easy to hang on the wall or you can simply keep the money plant on the window seal and it doesn’t. take any additional space of your, pure air is also good to your health and it keeps away from harmful bacteria or diseases.
  • Plants need to be taken care of from time to time. Money plants need to take care at least 2-3 days from the week. Money plants are also used for decorative purposes, and we can obtain natural beauty in our homes. You can also hang the money plant in a water bottle beside the door, it looks attractive.
  • It is a small tree plant with hard support and this plant originated from China. Many people bought money trees for their homes, offices and sometimes as gifts. People like money trees to place in their space because it looks good and because of its growth ability with low water and care. People think that this tree acts as good luck for its owner. This plant survived with low water, low sunlight and less care. Nowadays the money tree is found in many houses and offices as it survives with less care.
  • New Zealand Laurel

  • Best indoor 14 plants for health and 2nd one is New Zealand Laurel is also known as karaoke and endemic to New Zealand. It grows 15 m tall and spreads 1m in diameter. It is an evergreen popular plant that allows you to have this different plant in your garden. These plants have thick glossy leaves and in winter karaka produce stout. After a few years, it grows with orange fruit. Under the orange fruit, there is a toxic lurk. People should beware of that while they go for fruit. This plant is a great option for a garden as it gives you fruits.

     Weeping Fig/ Common Fig

    Weeping fig is part of the ficus plant and originated from southeast Asia and Australia. This plant grows in houses, offices and gardens as well. Weeping fig is a beautiful plant with a light grey trunk and glossy dark green leaves. It grows about six feet tall and its braided trunk looks good with the appearance of the room. This plant is one of the best plants for fresh air that make your room more fresh or airy. The weeping fig plant is a fast grower plant with a beautiful appearance.  

    Bird of Paradise

    If you want to grow this plant indoors you need to provide sunlight, warmth and humidity. Bird of paradise is a most beautiful plant with its banana tree leaves and brilliant flowers. Bird of paradise is the origin of South Africa and the official flower of Los Angeles. Place birds of paradise in the sun for at least six hours for their effective growth. Bird of paradise is an evergreen plant with beautiful orange and blue blossoms.

     Parlor Palm

    Parlour palm is a species of a palm tree and native to southern Mexico and Guatemala. Parlour palm trees grow fast up to six feet tall with proper care. This parlour palm plant produces fruit from the flowers. This parlour palm plant is also known as a bamboo tree because it has the same looking bamboo stem. Parlour palm plant is a wonderful green plant for indoor and outdoor use as it is easy to maintain and grows in the light sun.

     Jade plant

    The Jade plant is also known as Crassula ovate and is native to South Africa. This plant is considered to be a good luck plant. Many people place indoor and outdoor jade plants for good luck and also because it is a beautiful small plant. Jade plants are easy to maintain with proper care like enough water, light and temperature. Everyone likes to have this plant in their home because it is a beautiful small green plant with small pink and white flowers. Sufficient water and sunlight are needed for the proper growth of plants. Too much water and sunlight can affect the plants.

    Aloe Vera plant

    Nowadays people are more aware of Aloe vera plants so they are placed for their good appearance and lots of uses like aloe vera juice from their leaves are useful to relieve the pain or burn. Direct sunlight can harm aloe vera plants so place in light sunlight is needed for their proper growth. This plant can be placed indoors, outdoor and in offices as it looks good and makes your environment fresh. Proper watering and light sunlight are needed for effective growth. Aloe vera juice should not be ingested by a person or pet because it may harm them.

    Areca Palm plant

    Areca palm plant is one of the Best indoor 14 plants for health for a good interior. A full-grown areca palm plant is a little expensive but looks good with its features. Areca plant is one of the palm trees which grows up to seven feet tall. People usually buy small plants for their interior look as it is less expensive than the full growth areca plant. For proper growth, they need indirect light and sufficient water. Direct sunlight can make the leaves yellow as its leaflet features can attract people.

    Blooming orchids

    Blooming orchid is the family of colourful flower plants, commonly known as the orchid family. It is a beautiful flower plant with white and purple small flowers that make your space more cheerful. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves of the plants so proper sunlight can produce the buds in natural ways that will bloom in time. warm temperatures help to bloom the flowers of orchids that give the beautiful indoor plants for indoor use. Many orchids rebloom several times a year are the benefits of orchid plants.

    Snake Plants

    A snake plan is useful for removing toxic pollutants from the air. This plant helps to heal us as it removes various toxic pollutants like cancer-causing pollutants. This plant does not need much care. Neglected for weeks does not affect the growth of plants yet it has fresh leaves. Care of the snake plant is so easy you can place it in light sunlight and don’t water the plant too much. Also, it is better if the plant dries out for some time. It should be placed anywhere in the house for decorative purposes.

    Peace Lily Plant

    The Peace lily plant is one of the Best indoor 14 plants for health for cleaning the air. Peace lily plant is also called the closet plant as it is usually placed in offices and indoor houses. This plant has dark green leaves with white one leaf flowers and it is easy to care for. It is a beautiful houseplant for the spaces like living or bedroom because it not only appears good but also helps to clean the air. Peace lily plant growth properly with more light and sufficient water. More sunlight can help to grow more flowers. This plant works as a focal point of the space.

    Spider Plant

    This plant is one of the most adaptable plants for many people. This spider plant is placed anywhere because of its look. This plant first appeared as a small flower then converted into long leaves. Care of spider plants is easy and they like cooler temperatures for their proper growth. Too much water can reduce the growth of plants. This plant has long green leaves with white outlines that highlight the plants and appear good to place near windows or your favourite space.

    Dragon Tree

    The dragon tree is also known as Dracaena marginata. The dragon tree is an attractive plant with green sword type leaves with red edges. This plant is native to Madagascar. This small plant can grow up to 20 feet tall outdoors. The dragon tree is a beautiful plant and grows effectively with proper watering. These plants add an interesting look to the space of living rooms or offices. This plant helps to remove harmful chemicals from your living space.

    Gerbera Daisy

    Gerbera daisy is a beautiful flower plant that is mainly grown for its colourful and cheerful flowers. This plant originates from South Africa with various colours of flowers like orange, yellow, pink, white, salmon, etc. placing it in a pot in the living or bedroom area can highlight the space. Its colourful flowers can be attractive for space. growth of gerbera daisy is possible with the seeds and it is easy to care for.

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