Waterproofing is a process of making any surface water repellent so that it remains unaffected by any water action.

In the construction sector, waterproofing generally used to avoid water penetration within a concrete structure. If water approaches concrete structure it will break the integrity of concrete and internal material which holds the structure.  It protects the interior of the building and provides a healthy living environment by preventing it from damage.

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Terrace waterproofing-

   Adverse weather conditions and heavy rainfall can cause cracks and leakage problems. Those cracks allow water to penetrate & accumulate in the internal structure which weakens the integrity of the material that builds up your house. So to avoid further consequences waterproof your terrace by best waterproofing agency in Pune.


Brick Bat Waterproofing

Procedure for brickbat waterproofing starts with cleaning the surface with hard material and filling cracks if there are any. Above the clean surface, 2 base coats of waterproofing chemicals are given.  Then a 3-4 inch layer of bricks layer is laid on that surface. And the surface is filled with concrete mixture. The mixture is filled in such a way that the surface will have a slope at one side so that water won’t accumulate on the surface and will drain out. And after the drying surface is covered by two coats of waterproofing chemicals.

Chemical Waterproofing

When other waterproofing techniques fail miserably as a preventive measure chemical waterproofing commonly used. Before chemical waterproofing one needs to find and fix the source of water. Then apply coats of waterproofing chemicals like Dr. Fixit, Sika, zycosil, Pidilite, Sunanda, Asian Paints – Damp Proof, Asian Paints – Apex Ultima Protek, Dr. Fixit – Heat Shield.


Bathroom waterproofing

Bathrooms should be properly waterproofed as it is continuously in contact with water every day. So continued exposure to water cause bathroom ceiling and walls paint peeling. Leakage in the wall or any other surface just doesn’t ruin the look. But also cause early damage to the building by allowing water to pass through the internal structure.

Injection waterproofing

Injection grouting is a waterproofing process in which water-proofing chemical is filled inside the structure under certain pressure which causes fillup of pores and cracks that are responsible for leakage problem. Depending upon the structure holes of certain mm are drilled into the structure and special waterproofing chemical is injected using special injectors like manual injection machine, automated injection machine.