Type of sliding windows?

Sliding doors make more free space and nowadays people prefer sliding doors than usual doors so that they can use more free space and this will make the space more interesting. A sliding door can be used as a divider of space and can separate the open space from personal spaces. Also, it can be used as a storage main door or in the form of a mirror that will basically function more in small spaces. Sliding doors can be the best option for interior spaces and are also very beneficial for small spaces. This door adds a modern look to your space and makes your space more cheerful.

If you decide to place a sliding door in your space then there are various sliding doors with different properties that may be the fancy one or plan. The sliding door comes in the form of a patio sliding door, shoji door, barn door, tempered glass door, towel bar door, etc. These doors can be placed anywhere in your houses and also it appears big to attract visitors.

Difference Between Jindal & Non-Jindal 

  Jindal Sliding Window

Non-Jindal Sliding Window

Jindal sliding windows are popular in market because of their good quality product Many people select a non Jindal sliding window as it is highly available in the market.  


No need to anodize because it comes with good finish and quality. This sliding window frame is usually available in 38 x 22 mm for section.


Jindal sliding windows offer a greater finish than non-jindal windows. More availability in the market and other companies.


Every piece of frame comes in the same size and weight.  


When we purchase some section or frame Every piece is available in different sizes and weights.


Jindal sliding windows are expensive because of their good quality product.  It is around 230 rs available in the market. Non-jindal available at market at cost of 178 rs.
Even after installing and coating it offers good finishing. Sometimes it comes with low finishing that is why after installing it may have scratches.

Types of Coatings & Colours of Sliding Window

Some sliding window coatings are powder coating and aluminium coating. Aluminium window frames are chosen by several people for their building windows. There are different aluminium colour coatings available in the market such as white, black, green, coffee brown, rosewood, golden oak, etc. clients can also use customized frames as they want for their home spaces. The customized colour coating can come in gold, natural silver and off white, etc. this coating looks sophisticated and appears good in any space.

Both types of coating come in great durability and low maintenance. The aluminium coating comes with a number of colours or customized colours and it is used in frames, door frames and swimming pools, etc. on the other hand powder coating can provide more protection. Powder coatings have 15 to 40 years of guarantee and can be used in residential, commercial and offices.

What Is Powder Coating? What Is Anodizing? What is the Difference Between Powder Coating & Anodizing?

3 track sliding window

Sliding windows offer good ventilation to the space. These 3 track windows help to keep out the pollution, dust and heat and occupy your interior space with fresh air. This large sliding window with three tracks can be used in large spaces as well as small to offer natural daylight throughout the space. These windows come up with great different qualities and colours that transform the space. It is mainly used in balcony space, hotels, resorts and offices as well to provide active and beautiful corners.

Three track sliding windows can be installed easily and come with multi-tracks that are beneficial for users. Choosing the right window for your space is important whether you want more natural light or less. When the space is large, designers suggest their client choose three track windows because it offers more natural light and air to your space.

2 track sliding window

All types of sliding windows are good sources of fresh ventilation and natural lights. This window is basically made horizontal for the spaces like kitchen, bedroom, office, etc. this is the best option for renovation and new projects. Sliding windows manufacturer with good qualities of hardware so it appears good with low maintenance property. There are various kinds of glasses with good strength to use with sliding windows to make it work properly. Sliding windows whether it is two or three tracks they offer good working and appear trendy.

Because of the low maintenance and sophisticated look people prefer sliding windows for their homes. The selection of good coating and frame make it more durable.

Exhaust Fan Provision In A Sliding Window

An exhaust fan is used to pull odour, dust, moisture and fumes from the area and is mainly used in the kitchen and bathroom. Windows with exhaust fan mainly used in the bathroom because we need good ventilation in that space. In the bathroom, whether we use louvre or sliding windows with exhaust fans. Both windows come with different qualities and properties. The sliding window opens widely to make the space airy.

This louvre window is a good source of ventilation as it opens up to 90 degrees for light and fresh air. It appears good for the space and offers great durability. 6 to 9 inches of exhaust fan is the best selection for your space. A sliding window with an exhaust fan is always a great option for a better experience.

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